Greetings all:

I just downloaded the latest version of AdminStudio for ZENworks and installed it for a customer using the new license key from the customer care portal. When we tried to access the Assistant we were prompted to login to the ZCM server. They are using standard ports but are forcing SSL and we were unable to login. This is the first time they are trying to use AdminStudio.

I had a similar issue with another customer who was using non-standard ports when trying to install a previous version of AdminStudio and thought the issue was with non-standard ports but now it seems there is also an issue with SSL

I thought this new version was not going to require the login. How do we get this program to login correctly to ZCM?

I have seen other posts on this and suggestions have been to do things like put another ZCM server in the zone. This is not an option here. Seems a silly requirement given the license key is needed.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.