just struggeling around with iterating through gw users which are read from the SAB.
The SAB does return the <postOffice>, but not the version; the version (<gwVersion>)
will be returned in the login RESPONSE, but I've to set the desired schema an the
login request before?!

So my option by now is: get the users from the SAB and cache them; when first login,
take a "dummy/universal" schema version for the login request and then cache the
returned gw version and get the corresponding schema version from an internal
That does work, but that should work "smarter" in my eyes, i.e. getting/returning the
gw version as part of the <item> element in the SAB response. But I assume you
(Preston) can't get that info from the abook, do you?

The other option is to work with 'getUserList()', which dows only return the users of
the same postOffice; that option requires a "manually updated" PO-table so that my
app knows which PO's to check. AND I would also have to define the versions of the
PO's in that table cause I've no possibility to get the PO version BEFORE the

Assume there are a dozen PO's with different versions in a system. I'd like to handle
each PO with it's "maximum" possible schema, but that for I've to cache all users and
have to login each user for minimum one time.

Are there any ideas for "best practise" around that problem or do I simple miss