Netware 6.5 SP8 eDir 20217.06

I've had this problem twice now on two different servers during two different reboot cycles.

I reboot my NW servers every Sunday. One Sunday I come in and do the reboots, but my master of root doesn't want to talk to anything when it comes back up. No TCP/IP. The second time this happened it was a different server.

After further investigation, I noticed that everything in SYS:etc was gone! So I get some rudimentary IP going in AUTOEXEC.NCF and then do a restore from backup, comment out what I did in AUTOEXEC.NCF and go back to using INETCFG.

Postmortem analysis indicates that somehow, everything that was in SYS:etc was moved to SYS:LOGIN\NRMGroups. The date/time stamps on the files shows that it was done during the last reboot cycle the week before.

I am the only one on site during these reboots and I know that I didn't do this. Can some please tell me what the @#^%&# is going on!!!!