Well, what an exciting afternoon. Apparently the construction crew
working on the street in front of our house damaged a 4" gas line.

They had to evacuate (according to one report) 4 houses in the area -
another says houses within a block. But I'm still here, been watching
them work off and on through the afternoon.

But we're not backing out of the driveway for a bit yet. There's a fire
truck blocking our way out. And some Questar gas trucks. And some
construction trucks.

But nobody's come over to tell us there's any immediate danger on our
side of the street. Seems to be contained to the area across the street.

This construction project has been interesting so far - they apparently
have found pipes for all sorts of things that aren't on the maps they
were given to work from.

We're getting new curbs/gutters, new road surface, new water mains and
such....supposed to take them a year to complete the project. The road
sags towards the gutters, so the entrance to the driveway after a run to
Costco bottoms the car out. The new driveway skirts are much, much
flatter (they've finished them farther up the street from us). Can't
wait to get ours.


Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1, CLA10, CLP10
Novell Training Services