hi all.

im using Zen 7.0 on a new site. It looks to me like they have fixed up the context issues present in Zen 4.0 and allowed a true elevation context by means of deploy as "workstation assigned as workstation".

seems also during the transition they have moved HKLM\Netware keys to HKCU on deploy as "workstation assigned as user"

so to me it seems pretty obvious the way forward is to use "workstation as workstation" for msi deployment unless you like having multiple installs of the same product for each user.

how is everyone else doing msi deployment with zen 7.0 ? a relic in this environment is to stay using "as user" and creating AXT objects to elevate the msi's which dont work in that context.

I disagree with this but being the new boy thought I would check up with some others.

I think we should be using "as workstation" (single deployment model) as opposed to AXT running in "unsecure system user" for msi's which run into context issues due to poorly created msi's.