I've a number of workstations running XP Pro x64 as the OS. They log into a
Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain Controller. Upon login, a batch file
runs and assigns mapped drive letters to CIF's paths on the Novell file
server. These machines are used for AutoCAD work and generally there has
been no problem accessing files stored on the Novell Server using CIFs.

Today we discovered though that Revit 2009 does have an issue with saving
central work files to a Novell volume. It returns "An unknown error occured
while accessing {Revit Filename}". If I have Revit save to a share on a
Windows 2003 server, there is no problem.

Before I do too much work on this, I just want to verify what patch
files/nlm's should I have running on my Netware 6.5sp7 box, files
specifically to do with CIFs access.

Also, looking in iManager - File Protocols - Netware CIFS, I see the
Oplocks - unchecked
DFS support - unchecked

SMB Signature
Set to Disabled

Authentication Mode is set to eDirectory (local)
Primary Domain Controller is blank

Since these XP Pro x64 boxes do NOT have a Netware Client installed on them,
would it make sense to change the Authentication mode to "Third Party", and
specify the domain name and controller location?

I look forward to your response.