I call it an observation because it's not a rant.

How many times do I have to verify that my copy of Windows is legal
before Microsoft believes it? <-- Rhetorical Question btw

It's all been said before, but anti-piracy measures like the WGA and
product activation only serve to call paying customers pirates since it
does (probably) zero to thwart actual piracy.

It's a small victory, but I have exercised my right as a consumer to not
buy software that requires product activation. I make sure I e-mail or
call the company to tell them exactly why I didn't buy their product to.
Probably made no difference, but at least I felt better.

I like telling companies that product activation insults me. I love the
reaction I get most of the time. Usually goes down the road with them
asking me how I'm insulted by product activation. Then me explaining
how the company is calling me, the paying customer, a pirate. Next they
try to explain how it's not that way at all. Finished up by me sticking
to my initial statement and them just getting frustrated.