I have a client on GW 7.0.3 (NW6.5 SP7) who I will be upgrading to GW 8. The WebAccess Agent and Application are also on this NW6.5SP7 server. After the initial upgrade to GW8, we need to add a second with Webaccess Application on a Windows 2008 server using IIS 6.0 SP1. 2 Questions:

1) I have seen no Novell documentation or TIDS on how to install/config GW8 WebAccess Application on Windows 2008/IIS 6. Is there any, as a Novell Tech said that only GW8 on Windows 2008 is supported, by could not find the docs. Does anyone have official docs or their own ?

2) Can 2 separate WebAccess Applications on different servers point to a single WebAccess Agent, or do I have to create a second Agent on the NW6.5SP7 server for the Windows 2008 Application ?

Thanks in advance.