I have an iscsi setup for backup to disk on NW 6.5 SP8 boxes. 2 targets that I switch out between remote and local location once a month so I can keep the most recent backups in a different building. Since I made the switch last week, the remote target is working fine and getting the backups, but I can't ping it or in any way access it directly from my admin workstation on the same subnet. I can ping it from any of the other NW servers, all on the same subnet. Any ideas? Is there some way I could have set it to only accept traffic from certain addresses? I know ip restrictions can be set for users, but I haven't seen the same thing for servers.

Hmmmm. I see now that when I get server properties in C1 for the target, it takes a long time, but does eventually load. I know timesync is out of whack, which is what prompted me to try to remote into it. But I've had time issues on different servers in the past and that didn't prevent me from accessing.

Thanks for any ideas.