1 - Use your skill points to build your defense, even before your energy.
Once you are winning when attacked, your experience points will build.
Read this discussion for more details:

2 - If nobody gives you an energy pack, you can send yourself one. You
can use one every 24 hours:

3 - The ONLY reasons to increase your mafia after you have reached 500 is
to be able to purchase special tools available from the home page, or
Mafia Mike's that require you to increase your mafia before you can buy,
or if you need someone new in your top mafia. The level/strength of your
mafia makes no difference when you fight/rob. IOW, a mafia full of level
3 players is just as strong as a mafia of level 600 players in fights.

4 - Once you get to level 100 and can purchase bonus weapons, dump stuff
like Napalm and Bookie Holdout pistols (see the discussion in #1 above).
I've tested this by donating this stuff to mafia members and using the
calucator below to see the change in my strength....and it does work. The
Attack/Defense numbers of an item are ONLY used by the system to pick
which tools are used depending on if you are attacking or defending. Once
you are actually fighting, the *combined* ATT/DEF number is used. An
example: Napalm is 25,9 (Total 34) and Bonus weapons are 20,20 (total 40)
but Napalm is chosen by the system when you attack because it has the
larger attack number. Not good.

5 - http://www.mafia-wars.info/ is the fighting calculator you can use to
tell you if you are using the right tools in a fight. (see #4 above)

6 - If someone is constantly bugging you...add them to your mafia and they
can no longer attack/rob you! (They still can put you on the hitlist). To
do this, see this discussion: http://mafia-wars.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=325

7 - Tired of searching through 30+ pages of fellow Mafioso's to choose the
right one for your Top Mafia? Go to Top Families at the top right of your
page, and sort by level, fights won, etc. Get the user ID of the person
you want to add, and then add it to the end of this link:
"http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_time=1236939092&xw_exp_sig=f6fa 56da8fd62aa26844421fc49fc97b&xw_controller=group&x w_action=view&promote=yes&uid=xxxxxxxx"
Replace the xxxxxxxx with the user ID and you've done it.

8 - Don't use the bank once you get decent income. Anything you can lose
in fights generally won't come close to the 20% that the bank steals from

9 - Help on Jobs...DON'T CLICK YET!!!! When you see the ask for help on a
job button come up don't click on it. Go to the highest level job that you
can do and do that job. The ask for help button should come up again. Now
click on it and then IM your friends with the link below for them to help
you. Put your ID number in place of the xxxxxxx. You only get to do this
once every 48 hours so make it worth your while and use the button with a
good job. The higher the rewards for the certain job, the higher your help

10 - When you're Top Mafia's stats raise, their new/higher bonus does not
take auto effect for you until you demote and re-promote them. It's a
good idea to do this from time to time to make sure you're getting the
most out of them.

11 - Change your title to a low level title so when you do get put on the
hitlist, lower level players will attack you and you'll win more exprience
points than you will lose (if you have strong defense)

12 - FYI when you fight, the ATTACK AGAIN! button will only show up as
long as your opponent has above 20 health points.

13 - Save your money and buy property in chunks of 10 in order to get the
lowest price as it goes up every time you buy.

Kim (4/16/2009 4:28:53 PM Mountain)