I am still trying to understand how DSfW works. I currently have an eDirectory tree with one partition for the entire tree. I have a top level Organizational object and many sub OU containers that include ou=Staff, ou=Student, ou=workstations, etc.. I am running a clustered NetWare environment of NetWare 6.5 SP8 and eDirectory 8.8.4. I also have two OES2 SP1 Linux servers in my environment. Where is the best place to create the DSfW domain, directly under the organizational object? I do have Universal Password configured for all my users.

The documentation mentions making modifications to the Domain Password policy. Is this policy going to override or cause problems with my current Universal Password policies?

Is it a requirement to make the DSfW OES2 Linux server the primary DNS server in the environment for DSfW to work?

By installing DSfW into an existing eDirectory tree, does it break or create problems with a NetWare cluster or any of the clustered resources like iPrint?

I do plan on installing a new OES2 SP1 Linux server into our existing eDirectory environment to install the DSfW components.