Well, we were on our way to our local diner, and things got a little

We got about halfway there, and Amy realised she'd left a glass of water
on the dining room table. Our cats have a tendency to knock things over,
and since her laptop is on the table, a glass of water is a bad thing to
get knocked over.

So we headed home.

On the way back towards the diner, we took a slightly different route,
and about 1/3 of the way there, came upon a strange sight: A dog running
alongside a white Subaru station wagon (down a cross street,
perpendicular to the route we were driving); the car's passenger-side
door was open and the car was moving slowly down the road.

Another couple stopped while we were pulling over and got the dog out of
the street. The car kept going. I pulled around into the parking lot
nearby (Amy had gotten out when I pulled over to the side of the road)
and got out - the other couple had gotten the dog and was looking for a
tag on the collar. We got a phone number from the tag and I called the

The lady who answered the phone at first didn't know what we were talking
about, but then she said "Wait, you mean Buff?" (the dog's name,
apparently). She told us that the dog belonged to her brother, whom
after a short discussion we determined (a) drives a white Subaru station
wagon, and (b) is prone to drinking. Sure enough, as I started heading
towards the car, which was now stopped halfway down the next block, I saw
a guy walking back towards us. The lady (I'll call her "Jill") said
"Buff is My brother Ted's dog. Is he drunk?". As soon as he came across
the street, I could smell the alcohol.

I directed Ted to sit down with the other couple while I went down to
check the car out and see if the keys were in it - the door was still

Turns out the door was broken, and he had pulled to the side of the road
and stopped because the door was up against a telephone pole; apparently
he had broken the arm on the inside that holds the door closed, probably
by running the door into the pole.

The other couple got him and the dog back to his house, but he was
apparently very concerned about the car, but they had managed to get the
key away from him. He rode back with him and his sister showed up a
couple minutes later.

The car is now back at his house (apparently) and Jill was going to take
care of taking his keys away from him; said that she's the only one in
the family who will have anything to do with him any more, and she
acknowledged that this cannot happen again.

I'll probably drive over that direction in a few days and see if the
car's still there in the driveway, thinking maybe I should ask around for
a local AA chapter and have someone contact the guy. If we hadn't
reached his sister, the next call would've been to the police - and maybe
we should have called the police, but next Thursday I have a meeting with
our community liason with the SLCPD, so I'll chat with him about the
situation and see if maybe he can send someone over to check up on the


Jim Henderson, CNA6, CDE, CNI, LPIC-1, CLA10, CLP10
Novell Training Services