Howdy All,
I'm trying a test setup of GW 8, and I'm having some problems. I
installed GW 8. Didn't check whether or not my issue was at this point or
not, as I read stuff that said upgrade to HP1 for issues with Console One on
Linux. So, I did that. At least I think I did. I couldn't really find any
step by step instructions on how to upgrade to the HP1. Anyhow, everything
looks like it's ok, except my GWIA. I can get to my webaccess page and even
login. My POA and MTA seem to be fine as far as loading and starting. By
my GWIA does not stay up.

When the system starts or I type /etc/init.d/grpwise start, it looks like it
has started, but when I do a status, it shows unused.

I have looked over a few other posts, and tried some of the things
mentioned, but those didn't work. I have disabled postfix in the services
runlevel and made sure it's showing unused. But when I try a telnet to
either localhost,, or my IP of my server, it wont connect. So, I
know I have port 25 issues. Does this impede GWIA from staying up? It
sounds like it might. I have gone into C1 and change the Message Transport
on the GWIA from whatever I forgot the default port was, 7125? Maybe, to 0,
I've turn on and off bind exclusively to IP. I'm still stuck. The only log
I could fin shows this:

Error - Unable to create directory: /domain/wpgate/gwia/defer/work

I checked, and this path already exists. My domain is on my mounted nss
volume if this is an issue.
And when I stop and start the script grpwise, and watch the log folder, I
see a pid in there for the gwia, but it quickly goes away.

I'm very new at GroupWise and Linux, so be gently. I'm a quick learner, but
this GW stuff just has been perplexed at this point. Thanks for ya'lls