Hello I had a question about having the Novell Linux Client launch immediately after the user logs into their SLED system user their local user name and password. On NLD 9 desktops I was able to go into small launcher program (I cannot remember what it was called, sorry) and I could add the Novell Client to that launcher program. Then when the user logged into the NLD 9 desktop the Novell client for Linux would launch, and they could add in their user name and password for the NetWare servers, processing login scripts, etc. Does anyone know how that can be accomplished with SLED 10 SP2 or SLED 11? I have tried to add the Novell client to the system tray which is not exactly the same things that I am looking to accomplish. Also what is the Novell client version that should be used with both of those desktops? I am mainly using SLED 10 SP2 but I have started to work with SLED 11 thank you.