Jquinone wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new in developing applications novell client, let me know if there
> is a Java API to create a GroupWise account. How to create a mailbox for
> a user's eDirectory as well as manage, delete and modify. I need the
> sample code. So far I have managed to create an account in eDirectory
> but not create or associate a GroupWise account. I hope you can help me.
> Thank you
There is no officially supported java api per se. Your options are

- JNI for Win32 AdminAPI (COM)
- LDAP, but only if you have IdentityManager and the driver for
Groupwise. Otherwise, as you note it will not work.


thanks for your help,

Otherwise, another Java API which allows a disk space a user?. How to access the data volume and create a user folder?.

I want to do is create a user account, which includes e-mail account and space on the volume as if it were the ConsoleOne

I take this opportunity to see something related to the subject when the ConsoleOne creates an account given a few attributes to the object, my question is, other attributes are assigned by the eDirectory, ie when creating a user in a given dn, that user inherits attributes or policies that may have the container, or should these be specified by the programmer?

Thank you.