So I had one of my guys write a program (menu) that will take you to each
office via unc. For example, Netware server in Sarasota, SRQ_1......desired
location for unc is \\srq_1\vol1\data\folder\

Since we have several offices and names and IPs change, I decided to have
him modify his program to a naming convention more neutral....
\\srq_data\vol1\data\folder . This way he doesn't have to rewrite and
redistibute his program if we change to SRQ_2, with a new IP. I only have
to modify the A records to point to the real server name.

We noticed that the reponse time is a bit slower on the 2nd A record version
than when using the real server name. We also noticed that when Symantec is
not installed they respond equally quickly.

Could it be that Symantec doesn't like that the name doesn't match what the
server thinks it is? Or am I missing a certain DNS component like a reverse
lookup-y thingy?

Thanks for any tips.