I can't get the getDeltasRequest() to work as I would expect.

As stated in the docs I have to get the "deltaInfo" via getDeltaInfoRequest(). Ok,
that returns a <deltaInfo> element with a <firstSequence> and a <lastSequence>
element. That <deltaInfo> then should be passed in the getdeltasRequest() to retrieve
all changes that have been made between firstSequence and lastSequence.

When I do a getDeltasRequest() with firstSequence=189 and lastsequence=196 (values
from getDeltaInfoRequest), I would expect to get back 8 items in the
getDeltasResponse(), but it returns always just exact 1 item.

I assumed that getDeltasRequest() returns 1 item for each change that has been done
on the SAB.
Did I miss anything or what is the reason that I just get 1 item returned?

Traces (getDeltaInfo + getDeltas) are attached.

Thanks in advance,