I may be in the wrong forum, please correct me if so.

I'm using GroupWise 8 C3PO API, Delphi 7 (to interact), on Windows XP SP3. I have the HotPatch1 installed.

I'm having problems on a few C3PO API calls with GroupWise 8; some of them I've been able to work around from upgrading from GroupWise 7, but I have a major problem with one specific instruction call....

The "ClientState.SelectedMessages" API method. It appears to be giving intermittent failures (more fails than not) and is a problem in my Delphi 7 application. In short, the instruction fails and causes "Invalid Variant Operation" errors in Delphi (because I'm using Variants to handle the C3PO pointers) meaning internal errors have happened with the SelectedMessages call. Therefore, it when it fails, I cannot retrieve a list of GroupWise selected messages. This ONLY happens with GroupWise 8 C3PO. In GroupWise 7, the call always works ok. I have not changed code.
I understand that Novell is still working on C3PO documentation for GroupWise 8.

Could anyone send me a reference on a good Novell forum that could give me a good chance at finding an answer? I'm also anxious for any hints or suggestions that maybe anyone could offer. Is there a preferred place to post a bug report?