So like I'm at home and I hear the squeal of tires outside. So I look out the window and see this little truck has pulled into my driveway.

Two guys get out and one of them rings the doorbell.

So I investigate.

I am told that one of my neighbors has supposedly said I might be interested in meat.

Um, okay.

So I am handed a pamphlet from some "local" meat place (never heard of it, but then again I only get meat from the supermarket). In the back of said truck is one case of frozen type meat (like when you order stuff from Omaha steaks or something).

Well, have they got a deal for me. They open the package (It was sealed) and show me all the diff. meat cuts and it can be mine today for only like $140 or something.

In the meantime, dude #2 is constantly looking down the road for something.

I politely decline.

And they leave.

I think maybe it was "hot meat".

Oh wait, that sounded bad.