I'm attempting do run an LDAPSearch looking at the value of facsimiletelephoneNumber (NW6.5 SP7, NLDAP version 10555.40)

If I do a search specifying the full number:
ldapsearch -h -b "o=xxxxxx" -D "cn=ldap,o=xxxx" -w "xxxx" "(facsimileTelephonenumber=5555552488)" facsimiletelephoneNumber telephoneNumber

It returns the correct data:
version: 1
dn: cn=DWHickok,ou=Staff,ou=MIS,o=xxxxx
telephoneNumber: 555.555.1111 x167
facsimiletelephoneNumber: 5555552488

If I do a search specifying a partial number with wildcard:
ldapsearch -h -b "o=xxxxxx" -D "cn=ldap,
o=xxxx" -w "xxxx" "(facsimileTelephonenumber=*2488*)" facsimiletelephoneNumber telephoneNumber

it returns no values. I've tried removing the second asterisk (...=*2488)and a few other things. Wildcards do work on other attributes (e.g., "cn", even "telephoneNumber") but not the facsimiletelephoneNumber. I've run several dstraces (+ldap) and there aren't any errors, just zero results.

What would explain this?