I'd like to programatically change the path to the archive.
The account properties 'PathToArchive' and 'DefaultPathToArchive' are read-only, so
the only possible way ist the method 'SetArchiveTo()', which takes the new path as

Here's the initial situation:
..PathToArchive = 'C:\Archive1'
..DefaultPathToArchive = 'C:\Archive1'

Then I apply 'SetPathToArchive('C:\NewLocation')'.

Immediately after that I recheck the both property values
..PathToArchive = 'C:\NewLocation'
..DefaultPathToArchive = 'C:\Archive1'

But after a new programatically login both properties are reset to the initial values
..PathToArchive = 'C:\Archive1'
..DefaultPathToArchive = 'C:\Archive1'

And checking via Client brings:
Path to archive: 'C:\Archive1'

So applying 'SetArchiveTo()' seems to set the new archive path just for (internal)
programmatically purposes, quasi a temporary setting as long as the GW session

Is there any solution to change the Archive path permanent via API?

I would even prefer a solution to set the path programmatically and then lock the
settings (just like in C1). Any way to solve that? - AdminAPI / SOAP / DirXML /
whatever; just a way to get this done in an automated way?!

Thanks in advance,