Hope folks will forgive me ... Idunno, I didn't talk a lot about it,
guess I never sorted it out in my head and there's really nowhere for me
to say this.

Just ... I haven't done a -lot- of Novell work for many years, just here
& there, but recently I'd been getting re-involved & doing a lot of

And, the thing is, I always had Frank to toss things around with, ask
questions, or just discuss some thorny thing I was tackling.

Now I don't.

Excuse my bluntness.


I understand that "life goes on" and all that, that my wound is trivial
compared to the reality of others, that I can and will function without
anyone to kick things around with.
(no excuses for preposition-ending sentence.)

But still .... dammitall .....

and he never made me feel stupid or foolish, even when I asked the most
ignorant questions or said the dumbest thing ...........

I just can't help it, it goes back to the 90's, the WordPerfect support
days (not Compuserve but the BBS!), and he was my consistent ally in all

Maybe some of you know what I mean; hopefully, the rest will overlook
this rant/moan/blather.

-- DE
(fitting the long-time address)