I have two netware 6.5sp6 dns/dhcp servers. I am leaving the primary one alone for now but I need to replace the secondary with new hardware and oes2 linux. I am wondering about coexistence of oes-2-linux dhcp/dns and oes-1-netware dhcp/dns in same tree and the how-to of this.

First: Is 6.5sp5 the same as oes sp2 netware. The dhcp/dns migration guide states oes-2linux can coexist with oes1-netware. I have to make sure that 6.5sp5 and up is OES1-netware and that I do not have to upgrade my primary dhcp server to oes first.

For DNS, I read a blog that said to install the new server into edir, create the dns serv object, use the dns console to choose the new server and take it to the authorized servers, removing the old server from the list.

Is it this easy with dhcp as well? The migration documentation says installing and configuring dhcp on target machine creates dhcpLocator and DHCPGroup objects (new and different objects?). The DNS documentation states that only one of these objects exist in a tree. So how does I accomplish this...

Thanks in advance
StacieWhite ~