TID #7002761 ; This is my situation!

Group Policies migrated from ZDM 7 to ZCM 10 giving errors.

"There was an error while accessing content for policy [Policy_Name]. The error was - Patch for the group policy content is null"

Resolution: Fixed in version 10.1.1

I'am in version 10.1.3 and it's with this version I had migrating a ZDM 7 policy that was successfully running in ZDM 7. I have upgraded the workstation agent. Not a full new installation.

The policy is not effective at user login. (User policy). After manual agent refresh with the Z tray icon, policy did not applied. If I do a workstation refresh in ZCC, the policy is applied, and stay effective after logout.

ZCM is on Linux server.

Workstation agent: (On WinXP SP3 and Novell Client 4.91 SP5, no update)
Bundle Module10.1.3.0
Content Distribution Point10.1.0.0
Gestion * distance10.1.3.0
Inventory Module10.1.2.0
Policy Module10.1.1.0

In ZCC, the status of my policy was "Available" (And I'm be careful with the Upload button when I'm editing a policy)

Thank You