I work with a school system. And we currently use UImport to create bulk student IDs at each OU(42 total). Works good but there is an 8.3 char limitation on home drive creation which causes issues looking for user ID to home drive name as anyone can tell you. There is a work around on this too, but it is difficult time consuming.

Anyway, I am trying to find a simple step-by-step instruction on doing this via ConsoleOne Import utility. I searched Novell's site on how to use it, but it is very convulucent. And I am having a hard time finding something on the WEB.

I know there is a way to do it using LDAF LDIF file, but this too is convulucent)CSV to LDIF utility NCSV2LDF.exe.

Can someone point me to an easy way to use ConsoleOne, or any other way to create bulk users FROM A Spread Sheet other than UImport? There has got to be an easy way of doing this? It is 2009!