I'm on a traditional NetWare 65 sp7 server in my own tree (so I can do anything to it i want and no one will care)

What I'm trying to do is to be able to capture SNMP traps for user accounts that are isabled and those that are locked due to password fat fingering or hacking. From what I've read in the sample text files, those are events 116 and 117.

I've been able to get SNMP traps sent to my SNMP master, but it's an all or nothing deal for me. I only want those two events captured.

I've tinkered with my NDSTRAP.CFG file, but I can't seem to find the correct or proper syntax to only capture those two events.

Right now, my NDSTRAP.CFG file contains:
ENABLE 116 117
DISABLE 1-115,118-386
Default interval = 5

I saw the "Disabled" event numbers as being enabled on the server console when I noodles around using the HELP NWTRAP LIST screens.

I'll admit to being SNMP challenged. Now, I'm off to search for some documentation that will give me a clue.

I'll appreciate any thoughts, or if this is the wrong forum . . . .