Any thoughts on the following:-

On an extremely well controlled site (internet & email access only given to
users as required, no personal internet usage, no memory sticks) the local
printer on one PC was rinstalled (HP Photosmart D7200 series), with software
and drivers installed from the HP CD (though the option to check for newer
verions of the software was selected during the install). Towards the end of
the install, the mouse pointer appeared to jump about the screen and left &
right click. This mouse behaviour stopped after the PC was rebooted.
The same eratic mouse pointer movement has manifested itself a couple more
times since then. The mouse is a Logitech (I think) cordless mouse, and was
replaced with a wired mouse after the last "manifestation". There are no
other cordless mice or keyboards in the same sme office, the next door
office, or even in the office below. The anti-virus (Sophos) is/was up to
date. HijackThis does not reveal anything suspicious. The ISA server logs
from monitoriing traffic to & from this PC do not reveal any unexplained

For fear of clouding the issue, the boss at this site has recently reported
a (possibly) similar behaviour on his PC at home (Logitech wired keyboard
with wireless mouse). This last statement could have a rosy tint and smell
of smoked fish.

Any thoughts on the likely cause?