We send messages with custom fields via GWOAPI.
The following code illustrates this procedure:

Dim gwappl
Dim gwacc
Dim gwnewmessage

Set gwappl = CreateObject ( "Novell Groupware Session)
Set gwacc = gwappl.Login
If Not Is Nothing Then gwacc
Class_name = "GW.MESSAGE"
Set gwnewmessage = gwacc.WorkFolder.Messages.Add (class_Name)
Cgwnewmessage.Recipients.Add "TB9410"
Gwnewmessage.Subject.PlainText = class_name
gwnewmessage.Fields.Add "CAESAR.Recipient", 1, "TB9410"
End If

Recently, when we create new messages by the way shown above the POA (8.0 or
Ver. 7:03 HP1) reports following error:
13:37:32 432 The database facility reported error [C07A] on userhj0.db
13:37:32 432 Error: Record contained 'purged' field [C07A] User: caesarums

In the past there were no problems with this procedure.
Without comprehensive changes these errors occured since about two weeks at
various customers.