Why are sales reps so <bleep> stupid? I order 8 146GB drives to go in
my <bleep> Dell server and I get 8 146GB drives without any way to
install them. I gave the sales rep all the information about the server
that DELL <BLEEP> SOLD US and specifically asked if the drives came with
the <bleep> drive caddies. I ASK <BLEEP> TWICE. IN TWO <BLEEP>
E-MAILS. The server won't even mount drives without caddies. I even
explained what was already in the computer so he should have known that
I don't have any <bleep> caddies. <bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep>.

I'm gonna drive/fly to where ever these sales reps are and smack them in
the back of their very dense skulls. >