Where even to begin. Ok about 3 months ago they laid off the
receptionist. Then they asked that “everyone”, meaning the woman from
every department, to help cover the phones for a month or two until
something could be “worked out”. Ok, no big deal. They have already cut
back on the amount of time I can use our contractors for help when we
get busy. At the time I had already been chewed out a number of times
for leaving people hanging to long with simple issues. So my only worry
was this was going to cause me even more problems. So I got a “talk’en
to” about my attitude. How I was not being a team player blah blah
blah. I simply explained that I had no issue helping with the phones
but this was going to affect my performance and I was very unhappy
about it Anyway, they said not to worry if anyone had issues send them
to HR to have it explained. (To bad my #1 major problem is with ½ of HR)

Also, there was another duty that the receptionist had. To keep the
kitchen clean and stock the fridge and coffee fixings stuff. Well, each
department now gets to rotate weeks doing this fun job. Nothing like
cleaning up after VPs that can’t seem to put their own coffee cups in
the dishwasher. Oh, and there is a department that has forgotten this
“duty” for two rotations now. Whatever.

The great soap dispenser battle! A number of months ago the queen bee
in the office got the ladies rest room a new soap dispenser bottle. A
very nice etched glass thing that we can put the not so hard on your
hands soap and not use that nasty pink stuff mounted on the wall. Well
a faction formed. What side of the sink should the soap be on? The
owner of soap bottle wanted it on the right because when it was on the
left water got under it and made it moldy. The others who will remain
nameless (not me, btw) are worried that nice etched glass thing will
get knocked off the right side so they moved it to the left. Well
within the last 2 weeks it has become a heated issue. I just laughed my
head off every time I would use the bathroom and see it move left and
right then right to left, all day every day, until this morning. The
nice etched glass soap dispenser has been removed. The owner said that
if people couldn’t leave it on the right she was going to take it away
and people could use the pink stuff. I don’t care, because I have my
own that I keep in the cabinet beside the sink in a plastic bottle. Its
just seems all so very dumb.

Another thing that has been getting everyone in the office up in a
bunch is that one person has missed almost a month of work. When she
does show up she is late and leaves early. She is clamming she is sick,
but when I have spoken to her she says to me shes depressed. This same
person is the one that I said was my #1 problem back in the beginning
of this saga. I think she is telling her boss she is working from home.
Lie, she has not logged onto the VPN since the 15th. Should I tell her
boss this? This is all speculation on my part and I don’t want to make
waves. That stuff always comes back to bit you later. Then I think she
figured out I could tell when she logged in because she has since
started complaining that her VPN is not working. Tested, works fine. I
am very irked, because this same person had the gall to say something
to another person in a different department that she thought she was
abusing her PTO. WHAT! I do know this person comes in at 7 and leaves
at 5 or 5:30 every day. And how would she know, shes not even here! Not
surprised since she has done it to me on a number of occasions and I
know for a fact that she has been told not to address PTO issues with
people, she is the payroll admin. Anyway…I am very unhappy right now
with my job. I know it is none of my business and I shouldn’t let
office politics get to me, but GOSH!

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She