The open source Clonezilla program worked nicely for a recent laptop disk
upgrade project. Normally, I would have used Ghost or PartitionMagic, or
something else.

I purchased an Inland USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA adapter for a mere $15 at Micro
Center. It allows for a raw hard drive to be attached to a USB port, and
supports IDE, 2.5" laptop IDE, and SATA drives. All cables and a power
supply (unnecessary for the laptop IDE drive, which was adequately powered
by the USB port) were included.

I burned the Clonezilla ISO, connected the laptop drive to a USB port,
restarted the laptop, and booted from the Clonezilla CD. I answered a few
basic questions, and went to bed. In the morning, the drive was cloned to
the new larger drive attached to the USB port.

Clonezilla had no problem working with a drive attached to a USB port, and
the new larger drive is now working flawlessly.

-Bob Carroll