I have recently run into problems working with messages that are attachments
in other messages. The GroupWise Object API documentation is silent on the

1. How can I tell if the message object I am working with is an attachment
in another message?
2. If it is an attachment, how can I get the parent message? (Message.Parent
always returns an account object)
3. Which methods work and which don't? What are the limitations?
4. Which properties are available and which are not? Which properites
return null values or different information depending on context?

I have determined that:

1. The Message.Fields collection is read only.
2. I can open the attached message using Account.GetMessage() using either
<messageId> or <parentMessageID>:<messageId>
3. Message.MessageId returns <messageId>, not <parentMessageID>:<messageId>
4. Message.EnclosingFolders appears to be empty.

Dave M