I've been away from this project for a while but I'm starting to pick
up on it again.

I've gone into the address book, noted that it's a personal book and
not system. For each entry I check to see if it's a Contact. I print
out the name of the contact and I"m now prepared to output the list of
email addresses for the contact.

item is a Contact and when I try to code the emailList items
Intellisync doesn't give it to me as a member. When in a debug
session I can see that the data is is there. I see all the base types
but not the Contact specific members. I'm casting "item" to type
Contact to make sure.

This may be just my rudimentary knowledge of C# or VS showing but one
must learn somehow. Below is the relevent code.

using WR = vcsClient.WebReference;
if (item is WR.Contact)
{ // this is only the name of the contact
// within the contact we will have a list of address
// that will need to be dealt with
txtAddressBooks.Text += ("\t" + item.name + "\r\n");
foreach (string em in (WR.Contact) item.emailList )
// output list here