Does anyone here have a slingbox? I'm so frustrated with this thing that I
could scream <g>.

So - I have a Slingbox Pro, a Slingcatcher, and I had the Slingplayer Mobile
on my Palm and I've just purchased it for my iPhone. It seems that
Slingmedia thinks we're all idiots, and actually penalizes anyone who
understands networking. I am natting/port forwarding through my Astaro
gateway to the Slingbox, and it has worked in the past. Nothing has changed
in my networking since the last time it worked. From the outside, I can
actually telnet to the slingbox. However, "remote viewing" doesn't work.
My Palm client allowed me to just find a slingbox by IP address. These new
devices and players will not! You have to log into your Slingmedia account,
it knows where your slingbox is, and it redirects you. Well, it's not
working! The Slingcatcher in my basement, on the same network as the
Slingbox, can't SEE it, because SlingMedia doesn't think IT can see it -

I don't really expect anyone here to help out. but seem
to be down, and I have no where else to vent <heehee>.

Thanks for listening!

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