when trying to stream attachments from a proxy via HTTP request, the connection gets
closed unexpected because of an error, which is logged in the POA:
"Error while streaming attachment [D01B]".

I log in as a proxy user and try to get the attachment(s) of a posted task via GET.
Here's my url for the http request:

The passed value for 'session' is the session string from proxy login, the 'id' is
the attachment-id I read from a getItemRequest() where 'attachments' is defined as

As stated in the docs, error [D01B] means "Required User Database rights not

I can read all other task parameters without problems, so the proxy session string is
definitely correct.
For the root account streaming of attachments works without any problems; just from
the proxy brings the error.

GW 8.0.0 HP1 (...sorry Preston, haven't installed 8.0.1 dev yet; will recheck that
for sp1 asap..)