I have a 3 location business with a OES2 Linux based infrastructure at the central office. We use ESX 3.5, have OES2 (eDir 8.8.2), GWise on SLES, and a Win23KR2 AD server linked via IDM to eDir. Workstations login to AD on a single domain. There are also two Citrix Win23K boxes.

The two remote offices currently have PCs that are just local machines; they are small, 12 and 25 users.

Plan: to install a single OES2 SP1 server at each remote location, with OES2 SP1 with eDir 8.8.4 and DSfW, and have a single tree, these remote servers being R/W replicas.

Question: Can I have a master 8.8.2 with R/W's of 8.8.4, or do I need to upgrade (read, replace OES2 with a new SP1 server) 8.8.2 with 8.8.4; and can I configure DSfW at the remote sites only, and keep the AD/IDM setup in the centre. Finally, can the DSfW sites be part of the same AD domain, or necessarily separate with or without a trust relationship. FWIW, intention is to use DSfW everywhere eventually, but too disruptive at this point to change, AD/IDM works well.