This weekend I attempted to move my GroupWise 8 MTA, POA, GWIA and WebAccess from a NetWare 6.5 server to a Windows 2003 server. Both the NetWare server and the Windows 2003 server are running eDir 8.8.

I was able to get the GroupWise 8 MTA, POA, GWIA running on the Windows 2003 server. I installed all three so that they did not run as services.

When a tried to get WebAccess running I ran into a problem. From a command prompt I run STRTWEB.BAT. The GWINTER.EXE window opens and runs fine.

I can then connect to http:\\server_ip\gw and login to GroupWise. The problem is that GWDVA.EXE (the Document Viewer) crashes.

GWINTER automatically starts GWDVA, and then GWDVA crashes. GWDVA starts its processing threads and then crashes with the message "GWDVA Worker 5 error: Unable to bind to port 7475- already in use."

If I change the starting Port and Minimum Number of Worker Processes, GWDVA crashes after starting the last thread. The bind error is always on the last thread, no matter the starting port. Therefore I think something else is going on.

GWINTER continues to run, it displays the following three messages continuously:
"GWDVA is initialized and running
Error: GWDVA is down- document viewing unavailable
GWDVA successfully restarted"

WebAccess seems to run fine, except for the document viewing feature.