Anyone know what happened to the forums at Cool Solutions dot Com? It was normal until May 15th, 2009 and then suddenly just dropped off the planet, now showing only a generic page directing people how to search the Novell knowledgebase.

I find this sudden disappearance highly unusual since no forum upgrades were announced, and so I fear the site may be in the process of being dismantled instead, or maybe it was hacked and no backups are available.


I have been an extremely heavy poster on the site for years, so I find this sudden loss highly annoying due to all the time I spent writing content for the site, only to see it suddenly vanish. You may know me by Javik for some of my forum posts about roaming profiles and network backup.

For example, a cached google copy of some of my postings:
Cool Solutions dot Com :: View topic - Solution to "Backup fails because library is offline"
Cool Solutions dot Com :: View topic - IDEA: Dust protection idea for open relay rack
Cool Solutions dot Com :: View topic - Making Roaming Profiles less Net intensive

I loved seeing that my thread about tossing backup tapes and using hard drives instead had gotten some 14,000 reads over the years compared to other old threads.

Cool Solutions dot Com :: View topic - Toss tapes... let's backup to disks instead.


Fortunately Google's cache of the forum is very comprehensive and I've been hurriedly downloading all my work out of Google's cache tonight before the cached pages expire. javik - Google Search

Google is currently upset at me for pounding its cache and saving so many pages. .... 403 Forbidden

We're sorry...
... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

Oh well, I've saved most of the good stuff, in about 100 cached threads.


Google always loved the site. It jumped to the top of many google searches for stuff about Novell software, ZENworks, etc.

And I wonder if that may have been a "problem" to someone at Novell. Technically it would seem to be competing with Novell's official "Cool Solutions" section, yet not under Novell management. Did someone at the Big Red N decide the site needed to be killed?

Not even an explanation of what's going on, on the website replacement page that is up now? This doesn't look good. I hope this isn't goodbye.

Dale Mahalko
PK-12 Public School Network Admin
Cornell, WI / Lake Holcombe, WI