We run a simple GW system with one domain and one post office on a single
NW 6.5.7 server. When we get WebAccess sorted out, we will migrate to

We just upgraded from 7.0.3 to 8.0 HP1 over the weekend. The domain, PO
and GWIA went fine. We then removed WebAccess 7.0.3, and installed (what
we thought) was a clean 8.0 WebAccess. Somehow the installer picked up
some old values (IP address and Speller path). We removed WebAccess and
did another installation, and now Tomcat will not load. It gets to the
LDAP verifier on the logger screen, then Tomcat hangs. The server
utilization goes to 75% and stays there. We can't unload Tomcat at this
point, as it never loaded completely. This would happen occasionally
when we were on 7.0.3, but now it happens every time. Does anyone know
where to go from here?