Well, Novell has put the writing on the wall for me, I think.

We're an MLA customer, but I guess MLA stands for May Like (novell to
be) Anonymous. Because they never call, stop by or send flowers...

They only call when they want money. They keep sending us "True up your

GW8 is cool, I guess, but also somewhat of a disappointment. It was
touted as something really awesome (and while it has moments of
awesomeness) .. it falls short, IMO. The web client is pretty fricking

Too bad, really, that they decided a day late and a dollar short to
support ActiveSync with Groupwise. One of my clients runs a BES server,
another of my clients runs both an intellisync server, AND a BES server.

The one with just the BES server ALSO has to pay $300 per iPhone per
year (to NotifyLink) .. for their hosted service.

The last time Novell was here, I told them that they needed to do
something to replace the Zen Starter Pack (yeah, I'm talking about a
product from 2000) -- because it gives a really great method to support
Windows 32 bit operating systems (You know, like Windows 2000 or Windows
XP), and now Vista/7 (when it releases) and giving people the ability to
log into the PC.

You know, like Microsoft does with Windows server / domains.

I'm not going to sit there and create up to 30 accounts on a PC that is
shared (by up to 30 people) just so they can log on to a PC and have
their own desktop and settings. Not when I can get that built in with M$.

But Novell wants me to buy Zenworks to be able to offer the same
functionality that MICROSOFT offers out of the box. Who's the superior
one here? Novell, IMO .. but I cannot keep competing. And I'm tired of
apologizing for the shortcomings of Novell..

We also used another free product (and now it's mostly broken, since
it's not supported any longer). Called DirXML starter pack. But when
it breaks, it's too bad .. so sayeth support.

I recently sent an email to Novell CEO (and got NO reply) with a product
suggestion. When I used to send little notes to Eric Schmidt, he at
least would occasionally respond with a "Hey that's an interesting idea,
I'll bounce it off of xxxx and see what they think." ..

I've sent this type of a rant in before, and have never gotten much more
than a "We'll forward this on and you should be hearing from us." But I
never do.

Is this goodbye?