I'm trying to figure out how/if possible, to implement NSS User Quotas for user roaming profiles, but I can't seem to get the right combinations to work.

I thought that if I pointed a user's home directory to a folder on an NSS share (say, /media/nss/VOLUME/myuser), and implement quotas on that volume, that it would work. When I do this, however, i get the dreaded 'your windows profile is not available' error when logging in. I get the same error if I change the [profiles] share in smb to a folder on an NSS volume.

I checked that the user has permission to the profiles share by mapping it, and i get the expected result (\\server\profiles -> user's profile folder), but it feels like the permission set isn't loaded yet when windows asks for the profile, so it chokes.

I get a roaming profile just fine when the profile is stored on the linux fs, but as soon as I move it to NSS, i get errors. Am I missing something?