I've got a GW8 test POA and MTA configured: Emails sent from this account to an external email account arrive with all addresses other than the From address converted to GW addressing. Eg

From: First.surname@domain.com
To: externalemail@domainother.com; Username.GW8PO.GW8Dom@domain.com

The GW8 Test POA and MTA use the same GWIA as the rest of the organisation. GW7 postoffices do not have this issue.

I've checked TID 10012752 - the DIA swithc is not enabled, this problem only exists on the tets GW8 POA/MTA.

The GW8 POA & MTA have the same settings and config as the GW7 ones.

Is there a known compatability issue between GW8 agents and GW7 GWIA?


Regards, David