Our local morning talk radio show had an interesting topic this morning.
They wanted to know if you remember anyone on Memorial Day or who you
remember. And if you even remember or know what Memorial Day is for.

Some folks remember, some folks had no clue other than it was a 3-day
weekend to party on.

Perhaps I'm just too old, or had too old of grandparents, but on Memorial
Day, I remember our Civil War veterans. My great-great-grandfathers made
sure they told their grandchildren about the Civil War. They never wanted
to have another such tradegy on our soil. My grandmother continued that
tradition, passing on his stories. While my family fought on both sides
and was torn apart for a bit, they all eventually reconciled and forgave
one another.

We only had a handful of family members in the military since then, due to
them either being too old or too young or having some medical condition
that precluded their admission. We lost one in WWII, no one went to

I appreciate all the veterans from all of our allied nations that fought in
WWII, and will be helping place flags this weekend at one of the local
cemeteries for the first time.

Hope you all have a great one, and remember someone who gave their life for
our freedoms.

So, is this too political Susan?