I'm facing a problem when creating appointments that have auto dates. The following code reports that update access is denied to the current user (admin), who has full rights. Without the statement DraftAutoDates.Add everything works fine.

Dim appointment As Appointment10
Dim appDate As Date
appDate = DateAdd("d", 1, Now())

Set appointment = folder.Messages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT", egwPersonal)
appointment.Subject = "Test"
appointment.BodyText = "Test"
appointment.AllDay = False
appointment.Duration = 6 / 24
appointment.BusyType = egwBlocked
appointment.Place = "Novell Frankfurt"
appointment.Priority = egwHigh
appointment.startDate = appDate
'The following line of code reports the error:
'-2147352567 - Update access is denied to current user.
appointment.DraftAutoDates.Add (DateAdd("d", 1, appDate))

appointment.OnCalendar = True

Thanks for your help.