We're running GW 7.3 HP1. I enabled SSL over SMTP along with creating and importing the cert. and key file. This has allowed for inbound TLS to work.

Outbound is still not working and I have dealt with ZixCorp support along with Postini support. Outbound mail flows from GroupWise to Zix (our Zix then handles policy based encryption), Zix transfers the mail to Postini and from there the email routes to the recipient.

The support rep. at Zix stated that if Postini is in line after them, nothing needs to be configured with their ZixVPM system. He said all that matters is the last system to send the mail on. Postini has checked into the logs and stated that it doesn't appear our mail server is sending the STARTTLS command.

My question is whether anyone has an idea of where I need to go from here. With all of these different systems in place, it's tough to know where the issue resides. Inbound TLS works, is there anything else I need to do with GroupWise for outbound? Could my Zix support rep. have been mistaken and I need to configure our ZixVPM for outbound TLS along with the Postini changes? I appreciate any comments or insights.