My trusted application works fine connecting to mailboxes in post offices on
the primary domain using Application.MultiLogin(), but fails to connect to
user mailboxes in a post office on a secondary domain using the same syntax
for Application.MultiLogin().

The PO agent log shows the following error for all mailboxes on the
secondary domain:

01:44:10 253 *** NEW PHYS. CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=112
01:44:10 253 *** NEW APP CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=1, Check ID=1243026498

01:44:11 253 C/S Login Windows ::GW Id=david :: x.x.x.x Trusted App=APP01
01:44:11 253 Error: Directory Services Data missing [D105] User:david
App( APP01 )

01:44:11 253 *** APP DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=1, Check ID=1243026498
01:44:11 253 *** PHYSICAL PORT DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=112

I looked up the "Directory Services Data missing [D105]" error and found a
number of references. I have tried Synchronizing and validating the Domain,
Post Office etc. with no effect.

I can connect to these same secondary domain mailboxes programmatically
using Application.Login() with the same command line that I use with
Application.MultiLogin(). I can also connect to these same mailboxes using
the GroupWise client and can send and receive email.

Any ideas?


Dave M