If you would like some free software go here -> http://www.quabana.com
create, a user wait, read your email, download, install.

What does the software do? What difference does it make, it free!?
ok, it will allow you to create parallel Windows environments
completely separate from one another without eating up you entire disk
(like VMWare). What does that mean? It creates a Delta installation
from the original template (installation), then treats that as a
seperate windows install.

How am I using it? It works pretty well for support purposes. If you
have a user that gets a virus or just generally dorks their PC you can
have them back to the original in the time it takes to boot twice.
Ghost would do that too but I think it would take time to find the
tools you need and find the image (which is also chewing up disk space).
Also, I use it to create temporary environments to test new software
etc. I create a new environment (Quabana) before hand. Test the new
software and then trash it. It gives me peace of mind that I am not
clogging up my registry with gunk I will never use again etc.

Anyway, it is a beta test if any of you are bored. If you have any
questions I can call you directly. Or ask here I guess.