Is there a nice comparison matrix of google apps/mail vs the other players
out there? I'll even take exchange vs google mail/apps. I have seen some
interest as of late to drop groupwise/exchange/domino by companies of
various sizes & go google, but I just want to present them with a fair
comparison of options & cost.

Has anyone here already gone through a conversion, what benefits are you
seeing, what negative impact has it had compared to your onsite solution?
There are some cool things I see with google apps such as the federated IM,
as long as you have your dns setup correctly you can converse with any other
federated IM system, no vendor lockin with gwim/sametime/mscomm/etc. The
realtime doc/spreadsheet sharing/collaboration is pretty slick too. The
"always up, no system maint downtime" aspect seems appealing as well. What
of bandwidth used when everyone is on gapps all day? What of when the
location has internet downtime? What of when google itself has outtages such
as the few in the last couple weeks? I think google gears addresses that
partially, but you have to get that installed for the browsers then somehow
make a google labs setting for all users to use the offline option - is that
even possible?