One of our customers is getting recurrent errors accessing Message.Parent
property on messages where Message.ClassName = "GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT" but
not for other message types.

Is this a known issue?
Is this specific to particular GW versions?
Are there specific circumstances where this property is not valid for
Is this possibly a Late v. Early binding issue?

The code uses JavaScript (late binding) to access the message - snippet
below. JavaScript is case sensitive when referencing its own variables, but
not when referring to COM methods and properties, so the code (which I
inherited) uses JavaScript style casing for COM objects - it would probably
be clearer if it didn't..

var msgId = "" + msg.messageId;
var msgCls = msg.className;

try {

// Get the parent account from the message - throws if class name =

var accnt = msg.parent;


} catch ( e ) {




Dave M