I liked this article in the NY Time today:


The thing that made me suddenly appreciate Colorado though was the paragraph
where they say it takes the sun 5 hours to do what the clothes dryer can do
in 45. Here in Colorado, with our bright sun and low humidity, I'm often
bringing in some of the thinner clothes that I hung up first and are already
dry by the time I finish hanging the rest of the clothing! It rarely takes
more than 45 minutes to dry anything other than jeans here.

Who hangs out their laundry to dry rather than using a clothes dryer when
possible? I do as much as I can, and even recently got one of these for the


Joe laughed when I bought it. Said his Mum had one hangling in the lounge
(living room) in their house in Dundee when he was growing up. Since ours
is in the bathroom, hanging over the bath tub itself he doesn't object. On
days when it's not loaded up with clothing (which will be most of the
summer!), it just acts as a spot for hanging plants <heehee>

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